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We are committed to enhancing the appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion in today’s global society. Join us in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community; developing leaders who are educated in and aware of all aspects of diversity and inclusion; and supporting the development of leaders from diverse communities within all industries.

A Message to Congress: This is Your Chance to Work Together

Posted On Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

This week, President Obama announced that he is directing federal agencies to give their employees up to six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child, a benefit he wants to extend to all American workers. The conversation is far overdue, but I applaud our President for taking the initiative to start the conversation. By offering paid leave, the federal government has the opportunity to stand up for American families and set the standard. We need task-oriented leadership from the federal government focused on acquiring the solution... (Read more)